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In 2005, after having a very successful career in nanotechnology research and development, Shawn Phillips decided to break the seal on his teenage dream of writing fant2sci (a true combination of fantasy, science and science fiction).  It started as a hobby, but after four years resulted in the completion of "Dillon’s Dream:  Water & Earth."  With a finished book in hand, this wide-eyed, novice writer leapt head first into the shallow pool of literary agents and publishers. After receiving over thirty generic rejection letters, he and his lovely bride of nearly twelve years decided to open their own company to publish his books.

YBCoyote Press was conceived of in 2009, and received its official business license in 2010. The company is currently only focused on promoting his works, but has a vision of marketing entertaining books that also educate the reader on a particular subject.

Released in June of 2014, "The Doppler Affect" is a paranormal adult fiction novel set in modern-day North America, pitting a secretive society of scientific-based shapershifters against a family of supernatural spirit walkers. Receiving 4/5 stars from Goodreads and Amazon, and becoming an Amazon Bestseller was a great boost to Shawn's writing career, pushing him to explore the possibilities of the broad  fant2sci genre (using science to bridge science fiction and fantasy).

January 31, 2018 marks the date for the release of Darkened Demigod:  Weapon of War. Check out the link above to learn more about why you won't be disappointed with his most recent release. 

What’s with the name?  We established our company in Palmdale, California which is located in the heart of the Antelope Valley. It is also in the southwest portion of the Mojave Desert, known for its strange-looking Joshua trees and abundance of coyotes.  We wanted to capture the essence of the locale in our name, while also ensuring it was unique. Yucca is the genus and brevifolia is the species for the biological classification of the Joshua Tree.  Add a little creativity and our name, YBCoyote Press, was born.  

Thanks to Mr. Dean Richards, graphics guru, for the logo design
Vacation Time--the Real Me!
Shawn spent most of his pre-teen years living in small farming communities in southern Michigan, finally settling down in Jonesville for his middle and high school years. Upon graduating he attended Hope College, then relocated to California to continue his chemistry studies, and obtained his doctorate in 1997. He has spent more than a 19 years conducting rocket propulsion research at the historic Rocket Research Site, located at Edwards Air Force Base, California.
He has two boys, whom he joyfully raises with his wife Yvonne, amongst the beautiful desert hills of Palmdale, California.
Useless Trivia:  Although embodying the nerd stereotype of possessing no athletic ability, he loves hiking, camping, running, and martial arts.
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Dillon's Dream:  Water & Earth